Hey, what’s going on? What you need to know are what they don’t tell you about group phones, so we’re gonna. Do a group for those tutorials. I’m gonna. Do a complete walkthrough, so you can see what’s in group photos.

What’s, the buzz? Is it free? So far it is free! You don’t need any credit card or anything. I haven’t tested out myself, so this is gonna be completely new, so you’re gonna go through this with me the same time and we gonna do this together, alright.

So this is your first time to my youtube channel, welcome and become a part of your family, so we’re gonna go through the entire thing already signed up already. I have a lot in I don’t know what the back office looks like.

So let’s, jump into this group, funnels tutorials and what they don’t. Tell you about group funnels, let’s. Do this so, as you can see, this is brand new. I just signed up and I like the website already not gonna lie.

It’s, pretty cool. I like the colors. It looks a little bit of pink and a little bit of white. So it’s all good. So right here you know progress 100 % just finished. Congratulations! Welcome to group funnels! I like their there.

Thank You page after you sign up, so you have the you get instant access to group sell and you also get instant access to group photos so additional bonus. So this is just the basic, so you could sign up for free.

You’re. Doing a huge promotion right now as shooting this video, not sure if they’re gonna still keep it where you have free access, but for right now during the pandemic you could go and you could sign up right now.

So if you’re out there using tons of different funnels that you’re paying – and I’m going to Lake for I’ll recommend you sign up for this, especially if you’re Brand new and you just started out – and you’re, just getting your feet wet about starting your business.

They’re, giving your free opportunity a free lifetime access for right now, as I said, shooting this video. So I’m, not sure if it’s gonna change. So as soon as you sign up, you can join the Facebook group.

I just got approved for the face a group. I haven’t um gone through yet or you know, go through what’s going on, but you can click on it. You could join it step. Two. You can mark your calendars for trainings.

It looks like they have tons of trainings going on there’s like webinars on the platforms and which is good. You know when you have these new platforms, that’s coming up. Of course, you always want to educate.

You always want to have live events, so people can ask questions because it is new. So I like this, I like what they’re doing so far so right here they give you a little calendar, so you can add it to your google calendar.

You can add it to iCal, not sure what that is, but these are some of the trainings that they have throughout the week and they seem pretty busy. So if you can get live trainings every single week, where you can book it on your calendar, this is from 12:00 to 1:30 12:00 to 1:30 12:00 to 1:30.

So I think they’re, doing tutorials about group pages and showing you how to how to do different, different types of fun. Also, what are you gonna do? Eecom you’re gonna do affiliate marketing you’re gonna build websites for clients.

This could be good. So most of you who are looking to go into the agency business or create funnels or websites for doctors care practice. Small businesses, you could start here, get your practice going on and eventually those customers will upgrade.

So if they are great, that’ll, be a sweet affiliate thing with group pages. So far, so let’s. Keep going so you can mark it off and pick it if you want to reach out to their support. You can click on support.

I always make sure that support is a is a great thing. I haven’t, contacted support yet so I don’t know how fast they’re going to be responding, but it’s, always good to see how quick, how fast that a company support reach back out To you with your problems to your solution, so there’s, a little things that you always want to look for when you test out these things, and they have nice little articles section on here.

You know so far, so good man, hey group, funnels it’s. It’s, it’s going good and I can see that they’re implementing certain things so check it out, see if it’s, something that’s good again. This is an unbiased tutorial.

Video bug group photos of what they don’t tell you, so we’re gonna get down into it and see what they have versus other software’s out there. So we’re, going to go back to step 3. Where you can access you get you it’s, a free account.

You can. You can create one so access training and webinar replay, so you can create you & # 39. Ll click on here and you could create it, so you can create your account and it is free and there’s. Tutorials trainings live webinars and replay, so I think they’re hosting their webinars and stuff on here in the library he’s over here that you could check out.

You definitely have to login to have access to that as well. So so we on three so step four login due to high volume. Please allow 30 minutes for your account to be created and credentials emailed to you.

So please look out for an email with the subject line and it’s going to say your new group photos account. So let me go check and see what we have here. So I’m into my email and, yes, they do send you the login information.

So you see welcome to group photos, you get your group photos, Digital Affiliate and you also get what will show it’s like an in invoice receipt. So when you come down here, it will show that it is free, so it’s free.

So you don’t have to worry about these things. Alright, now we’re gonna head back over and we’re going to login into the login section. I’m gonna log in here and see what the back of back office looks like.

So I’m gonna pause this for a second, I’m gonna quickly log. In put it on my information all right, so it’s, loading all right, so it takes around. You know three seconds for rich and load and let’s go through it.

So welcome to group funnels whoo. I love it so far. So before I dive into all these things over on the left-hand side, we’re gonna walk through here and see what blue funnels is all about, so get started.

The get started menu is, on the left hand, side. What’s in it upgrade you can upgrade if you want the affiliate program, so learn how you can earn 40 % recurring income residual and they have a two-tier affiliate program.

So that’s, pretty sweet nice, two-tier affiliate program and speaking about affiliate program, I’m gonna leave my link down below as well. So if you want to check it out, feel free to sign up for it as well.

If that’s, what you want to do – hey, I’ll. Take some credit. If I’m making this video, so you have the groove pay, not sure what this is. This looks like it’s. A merchant purchasing for online businesses, okay, cool, so that’s, very good – that they have a place where people can pay.

So if you have a business, let’s say you have an e-commerce or all that when people go on their Adobe allowed to make purchases. So there’s. Group, hey there’s group ads, so group ads is a full-service agency specializing in Facebook advertising.

So let me click on this and see what we have you. We deliver the results. You hope your last agency would so that is pretty cool, so they have nice, so they have this, so you can apply for it, and these are some of the times that you can chat with, of course, the media buying and they can run your Facebook.

Put all the information and all that so nice, nice nice. So there are some things on. There chrome photos there’s, tutorials that you can go through there’s. A video video search engine with AI every video training and replay is now available to search hmm, pretty sweet.

Let’s, see what we have here surge within. Let’s, see Facebook okay. So there’s. Videos, groov cart, webinars, replay, okay, so whatever you’re searching for, we’ll, be here, so it’s around Facebook. You can check that out in the training, webinars training every Thursday, 6 p.

m. Eastern. So you could do that there’s. The Facebook group super frequently asked questions their support all right, so let’s, keep going through it. So there’s group pages, so you got group pages. You can create three more sites to unlock unlimited sites and funnels click the button below to upgrade to pro so right over here.

On the right hand, side you can create a new site so to give you 3 sites so far, to give you 3 3 sites that you can create after 3. You definitely have to upgrade so make sure you use it very wisely. Otherwise, you’re gonna create three funnels and you didn’t, do anything with it.

So click on here, where it says, upgrade to pro let’s, see what the pro is. So premium features are only available for pro members right now for a limited time you can get limited, I mean lifetime access at the pro level.

Ok see all the awesome upgrade. So let’s, see what we have. We got it the again. We got ta see so pay nothing. Today, there’s, a video down here. Ok, I do believe this is the CEO, so you can watch this video go through it so guaranteed through midnight tonight, seven hours as a time, so 20 % for the basic for free.

So you get 20 %. Affiliate email leads no email about none, current, no email, buyers, no email affiliates. No, so these are what you get for the free plan. Now, if you were looking at the Silver level, you get a groove funnels, you get a groove mail, groove member groove, video email leads email, cart, abandoners, email, buyers, email affiliates.

So do you get the blog? Do you get the desk calendar groove surveys and all that you don’t, get that a 20 % and it’s $ 99 a month so very similar to other platforms out there, but so far what I’ve Realized is that this offers a little bit more than most platforms that are out there right now and there’s other I’m sure there’s.

Other platforms that have these things do, I know all of them. No, I don’t, but try it out see if it’s, something that you like and if you don’t like it well, it was free right here 199, and this is for the goal.

So you’re stepping up on gold. You get a group surveys. The only thing you don’t get is the webinar and all that stuff people are signing them for lifetime access. So there’s a so. You could do the monthly fee or, if you scroll down, um, get lifetime access.

So if you want to get like the group blog, you want to get the group, you want to get groups. Surveys group queries group members lifetime access wow. So this is group card for e-commerce. That’s. Pretty cool group photos only group webinars for live webinars, interesting Affiliate upgrade, so you get 40 % instead of 20 % all right, so everything else is 20 %.

But when you get to lifetime access, you get 40 %, and I’m gonna dig deeper in this, because if you look at long term you could pay $ 0 today and you can go with three easy payments of 497 a month, starting In 14 days, so, if you sign up today after 14 days, it’s.

497 now stay with me here, and I want you to think long term, especially if you’re gonna do business online think long term. Now you can do six payments of 288 or 12 payments of 188 per month. Now listen carefully.

You can just pay full time access. Thirteen hundred and ninety seven dollars that right there is not a bad deal. I ain’t gonna lie. Group funnels, you went on this one because thirteen hundred and ninety seven dollars for lifetime access for a software tool that you can send emails.

You can write blog, let’s, see what they have. You get email buyers. You get email affiliate. You get abandoned cards, you get leads, you can create videos, you can prove members, you get group mail through pages group, affiliates group sells group, waz group, desk surveys and growth, quiz, listen.

Thirteen hundred and ninety seven dollars is not a bad deal, not a bad deal, because if you look in long-term and you’re, looking to start your business, there’s, companies out there that are doing monthly fee right now.

That is equivalent to a year’s worth of membership. This is a lifetime membership right now so think wisely and go pro that’ll, be cool, you can go pro and you can do those things. So do you have the lifetime access so sign up and hey? My link is down there.

Don’t leave me hanging. I’m making this video for you so right over here there’s group pages. Let’s. Look at the group page, okay, that’s where we were just now. So what is group cell? I honestly? Oh okay, here we go so this looks more.

This looks like a okay. After affiliate Commission refund there’s. Commission here’s revenue there’s. A bet. This looks like abandoned cart. There’s sales. There’s; rebuilds net profit revenue view; okay, all right! Now.

What’s funnels so funnels is sales tax. Okay, you currently don’t have funnels. I know that because I don’t have anything because I just signed up and there’s brought up funnels there’s, affiliate portals, so you can set up your program and you could sell your courses where you can Now say: hey sign up and become an affiliate.

If you’re into trading your own courses, you could set it up a way where now affiliates are promoting, so internal create a product, so you can create a product. Here looks good. This is reporting. This is all money stuff that’s back here.

This is affiliates which is going to be different customers, you’ll, have all your customers, your customers, dare and all your leads. So you all have access to this, because only some people are allowed to do that.

All right, let’s, keep going so there is groove male group male. It’s, probably okay, so as shooting this video coming out late July 2020. Laughter if you’ve been watching this after July 2020, probably be out already, so you can send emails, broadcast email, sequences, automations drew mail.

Everything is in here import, HTML email, oh, that’s, pretty cool robust analyst. Okay, so you can watch this video to get more information. Sequences automation leads you’ll, get to see your leads here.

You can tag them and bag them group member coming out in late, so it seems like there’s. A lot of things coming out in July, because right now, as I said, shooting this video it is free. I don’t know how long it’s gonna be free.

For so you have the group funneled. You have group vlog, you got crew funnels. You got crew desk group calendar group. Now there’s, groove ecommerce where it is groove cart, group pages for Shopify, ah group pages for Shopify it’s coming out in mid-july, hmm marketplace! You got an affiliate marketplace, so this is coming out later this year, so I do believe they’re gonna put products in here, probably gonna find some products on different platforms that are not gonna be listed in here that you can Promote as an affiliate – and you also, we get paid to just like kinda, like click Brenda have marketplace, and all that this is coming out later this year they have the app store up, store business coming out in April 20-21.

Sdk API dears API Docs later this year, app developer, so you can also create your blog. I mean nut blogs, apps plugins extensions with group software’s. It’s, pretty cool our services. There’s group a so.

This looks like a section where one 800 grew one click to apply so finally, better more affordable merchant processing, your online business. If you selling t-shirts your summer, hats, you selling, mugs online or whatever it is, you can check out their merchant processing and the lowest rates.

So you can give them a call. You can see what they have in story. There’s group ads events live events you there is gonna, be a cruise coming up vacation with peer-to-peer every year, 475 Plus entrepreneurs come together and a mastermind in Paradise.

So you can look into this if you want to go sail away in the Caribbean and alive at the time, not sure if that ship is gonna sail right now, due to what’s going on as shooting this video, but they’ll be good for you, so there’s corporate there’s.

The Facebook group there’s tutorial there’s, education and that’s. It so what they really don’t. Tell you is they really don’t? Tell you about. You know the different things that you need to look forward to.

So the only thing that you know they will tell you sign up, so you can sign up. You could test it out. You could try and that’s fair enough. They’re using that to get as many people to test out their software’s and that’s.

What many other companies do until they said all right? We got too many people, we’re gonna charge. This amount in debt amount. So, if I were you watching, this video create a free account. If you later on, you want to upgrade and you see the benefit of it and if it’s working great.

Of course, this thing is gonna be a little bit slow. There’s. Gon na be kings. There’s, gonna, be things that you have to take your time to work out because it’s new. It is new, so there’s, gonna be tons of people using it and, of course, the developers and all the other people are working hard to really fix all the things that’s in it, for it to become top quality, Because all the other software’s that came out before the wind through the same thing, these well know the support is kind of slow their software slow.

This is slow. That is so everything slow until they get all the you know, get out all the bugs and then they’ll be up and running in no time. So, if I were you watching this video, I would go and sign up for it sign up.

For it have it user testing, if you like it, you ain’t got nothing to lose and if you like, it upgrade hey make sure you check it out alright, so that was a group photos tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I went to the entire thing. I have no clue about it. This is not a video that I get paid for it either. I just wanted to see it because it & # 39. S been on my facebook timeline every minute. I see people post group on this group from us, so I use other softwares and I just treated this so I’m gonna try it out.

I’m gonna test it. I’m, probably gonna create another video again and let you know how is it and if I like it, I & # 39. Ll probably go for the the membership that’s gonna be lifetime, because if it’s good, if it’s, not gonna cost me monthly fee, because I hate money, you got ta pay every month.

I just want to go in and just pay one-time fee, so if you’re looking to sign up, I hope this video is valuable and if you want to sign up check out the link in the description I’ll. Send you over the information, so you can get started.

You can sign up for free right, so I’ll catch. You on the other side. Hope you like this video and I & # 39. Ll, see you later

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