Keravita Review

During the pandemic, we are all asked to practice social distancing and be in quarantine inside our homes, which means the responsibility of grooming ourselves is completely in our hands. Washing the hair and cutting nails are our basic self-care as they freshen us up when we take good care of ourselves. Ladies usually love their hair and nails,but there are also a lot of girls out there who have problems with their hair and nails. They experience thinning hair, hair fall, fungal infections in nails, or even have brittle or unhealthy nails. These are some reasons or manifestations of imbalances in nutrients supply. Many people nowadays are searching for the best solution to improve their hair and nail health through creams, ointments, diets, and even dermatology procedures. Good news, a natural alternative that can help you with this concern exists. It is called Keravita. Let’s find out what it is!

What is Keravita?

Keravita is a natural dietary supplement that helps you treat all types of fungal infections. It is formulated to aid support for good hair and nails – ensuring they are young-looking, neat, and healthy. The supplement is made from proven ingredients that have long been used to treat similar infections. It works to uproot fungal infections in nails, hair, and even skin.

Who created Keravita?

The creator of the Keravita supplement is Mr. Benjamin Jones. His research about Keravita took 17 years of study and testing. The food supplement helped many to cure toenail fungus and other health issues. Benjamin states that if you want healthy, strong nails and hair, you must follow specific strategies other than applying local substances. It not just cures fungus, but also acts as a prevention of fungal infection and supports the immune system.

How does Keravita Work?

When you take Keravita, the ingredients will be absorbed in your bloodstream and will be distributed in the body. The supplement works in the problem areas where the fungus and fungal toxins usually lie. Aside from hair, nails, skin, it also protects the lungs because it acts as a shield from bacterial attacks and helps produce antibodies to fight infections. There are also other effects of the supplement: it fights and removes the fungal infection, detoxifies the body from toxins due to fungal infection, prevents the reoccurrence of the fungal infection, effective in people with diabetes, and improves skin health.

Keravita - Ginseng

The supplement has powerful ingredients. Here are a few: green tea leaves, grape seed, olive leaf extract, ginseng, selenium, arabinogalactan, pomegranate, turmeric, pine bark, mushroom complex, and many more. Let us take a glimpse of some of their uses. Grape seed contains a considerable amount of antioxidants that can help issue dental cavities, varicose veins, and more. Another ingredient is Olive Leaf extract which helps in reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, removes toxins, and prevents cells from quickly aging because of external factors. Another is Ginseng which is a herb effective in lowering blood sugar, respiratory infections, digestive disorders, slows aging, and many more. Now, let us find out the use of Selenium that helps in increasing metabolism, protects your body from stress, boosts the immune system, and slows aging. While Arabinogalactan is added to aid in strengthening the immune system, you can also find here Pomegranate is packed with essential minerals and nutrients which is a good source of vitamin C and some B vitamins. Turmeric is also a key ingredient here it is packed with powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and another medicinal bioactive compound. Pine Bark helps reverse the side effects of oxidative stress on the cells. The mushroom complex helps to improve one’s immune system. So now, how long does it take for this supplement to take effect? According to research, Keravita results will have visible changes in 60 days with everyday use of two capsules per day.

The Keravita food supplement is available on their official website for any purchase. The supplement comes with three different pricing packages. Option 1 comes with a 60 capsules bottle that lasts for 30 days and costs $69, Option 2 comes with 90 capsules for $177 and Option 3 comes with 180 capsules for only $294 all free shipping in the US.


– All-natural ingredients

– Help treat fungal infections

– Improve skin, nails, and hair condition

– Three packages to choose from 30, 60, and 180 capsules

– 60 days money-back guarantee.


– Skipping a dose of the supplement

– Not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


When you are experiencing fungal problems, there is no harm in trying Keravita. The supplement is formulated with natural ingredients which means that it is safe for everyone to use. Plus, there is a 60 days money-back guarantee if you will not see any results. However, if you have other health issues or sickness, it will always be best to consult and see a doctor.


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