GROOVEFUNNELS REVIEW and Quick Tutorial // GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal


In this video, I share my GROOVEFUNNELS TESTIMONIAL, very first ideas, as well as point of view. I will certainly additionally share a fast GROOVEFUNNELS TUTORIAL to share some of its existing attributes, devices, and also services supplied.

Get a cost-free GrooveFunnels account right here:

GrooveFunnels changes several other comparable systems such as Kartra and also ClickFunnels. Yes! This is a ClickFunnels choice you may be looking for without the price tag! Moreso, by using GrooveFunnels, you don’t need several other added tools such as an e-mail advertising and marketing platform, affiliate program, purchasing cart system, as well as a lot more.

In this video, you’ll additionally find out if:.

– GrooveFunnels Life time offer is worth it or otherwise?
– GrooveFunnels pricing as well as plans.
– GrooveFunnels totally free “base” plan functions.
– GroovePages tutorial (in a nutshell).
– GrooveSell and exactly how you can produce funnels using it.
– GrooveMail release date and also what it is.
– GrooveAffiliate and what it does.
– GrooveMember information.
– GrooveVideo and also exactly how it replaces other video clip services.

Do note, this video clip is based upon my point of view approximately the day of the video publish date (August 9th, 2020).

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  1. Thanks for watching! Be sure to signup to get your free GrooveFunnels account: . To get future updates, tips, and tutorials of any videos I post about GrooveFunnels and its tools, be sure to Subscribe and turn on the notification bell.

    1. Hey Aurelius! You’re not kidding, the lifetime deal is awesome! They’ve been making so many improvements lately. Also wanted to mention, your video is crystal clear. Great job! Just sub’d you.

    2. @Fearlss That’s great to hear! Thanks for your comments. I appreciate the sub, too.

  2. Cool, thanks Aurelius… I have a free account for now, but my business is super small i.e. a startup, so the lifetime price is still waaaay too much for me right now, but it is indeed excellent value for those who can get in now, so after I checked it out I agree if you can get the life time account… then go now!

    1. A free account is definitely well worth it considering the tools you get. There are some exciting new features coming out so keep your eyes peeled!

  3. 👍👑👌👌

  4. Can i sell digital products and fulfillment on groovefunnel? And what about payment gateway?
    Thx before

    1. Sure can! That’s called GrooveSell. You can integrate PayPal, Stripe, GroovePay ( or NMI).

  5. it is possible to make a survey as in clickf?… how?

    1. That will come in Q4 (Oct-Dec) of this year. It’s called GrooveSurvey but only available to Gold or Pro Lifetime members. This is a feature I’m really looking forward to as it will help segment my email list based on survey responses. There are tools that already can do it but they are costly.

    2. @Aurelius Tjin I see, thank you Aurelius!

  6. I signed up! Thanks for the review, Aurelius. I’m looking forward to checking out this resource.

    1. Awesome! Thanks. Let me know how you go and if you have any questions.

    2. Sir,is email automation available in there?

  7. Thanks Aurelius. I had already signed up to the free account before seeing your video – sorry. But do you know what? I am still trying to work out what I have signed up for exactly. Is it a website? or just a sales funnel? so is it somewhere I would direct traffic too to get people to my website? which I plan to be a monetised blog? so I have a domain name but I get the impression that if I use that on my basic Groove I have to have Groove in part of the domain name? I hope you can help make this clearer for me.

    1. I have this same question!

    2. It’s pretty much all of that. You can create your web pages using GroovePages. You can create your product funnels using GrooveSell. You can host your videos using GrooveVideo. You can create your own membership site using GrooveMember…and more. Think of it as an all-in-one platform for your business. Usually you would need separate tools and platforms for each of those tools.

    3. @Anna OC Answered 🙂

  8. Hi Aurelius! I have the same question as Dawn below – let’s say I have a WordPress website, do I still keep that? How do you integrate domains one has bought, let’s say on Go Daddy, to making a website on this platform?

    1. Hey Anna! My usual solution to this when working with clients is simply creating a sub-domain like “” and connect that to GrooveFunnels / Clickfunnels or whatever other system you want to use. That way you separate the domains and can still have both! Hope that helps.

    2. @Funnel Profits Thanks Aurelius, appreciate it! Will consider this.

    3. I’ve answered Dawn’s question. Please refer to my answer. For domains, you would point your domain to Groove by updating your DNS settings in your domain registrar to point to Groove.

    4. @Aurelius Tjin thank you!

  9. Groove pages is currently violation of community standards. My ad suddenly disappear due to Facebook blocking groovepsges

    1. Try using your own domain.

    2. @Aurelius Tjin yea, have to unfortunately or use other hosting.

    3. @Zac Adam Morrison that would be the best solution. It’s really hard for a hosted page to always keep whitelisted on Facebook as the actions of users is difficult to monitor. You only need a couple of users to be reported by FB until they suspend a domain.

  10. I just signed up. I missed a similar opportunity with ‘Builderall’ and now they charge over $200/mo, I’ll be dammed if I miss another opportunity like LTO on a funnel software. They make it super easy if you don’t have the funds with unique payment plans.

  11. Thanks for the tip! Just pulled the Trigger on the Lifetime plan using your link! Still planning my First InfoProduct though. I can also sell your plr here? bought it awhile ago but its sitting don’t know what to do with it yet, Newbie but studing the writing marketing side first. hehe

    1. @1995yuda it’s promising all the basic tools we need probably and more. Yeah eager to put my copy/Marketing knowledge to the test hehe best of luck! Cheers!

      For myself, subscription etc comes later when i get my feet wet first and get a feel of the land. hehe

    2. @Leon O Totally understand. And I agree it’s promising. Like with everything else in life you get what you put in so we better find ways to provide value if we want to make groovfunnels or any other funnel service pay off and work for us. Check out Alex Cattoni here on YouTube she’s great, and also miles beckler’s free content on youtube. These two resources will contribute to your success. Wish you the best with everything you do man, hoping you reach your goals and find happiness in what you do. God bless, Leon ! 😉

    3. @1995yuda God Bless you too! See you inside!

    4. @Leon O Thanks man, no doubt !

    5. @Aurelius Tjin are they included in the free bundle or in the upgrade? And would you know if one can create a course for sale with their Groovevideo? thank you

  12. May we share your account?

  13. Hello
    What funnel is $97 amonth

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