God Frequency Review

Are you stressed out of the happenings in our surroundings? Do you hope for a better life and lighten the burdens that you are feeling right now? Sometimes the situations around us, especially now, are tiring. We keep on asking, when will this all end? Well as humans, it is in nature that we are surrounded by trials and problems in life. It causes us to feel stressed, tired, anxious and troubled, but there is a way to ease this out through listening to sound, particularly listening to God frequency.

What is God Frequency?

God Frequency is a program that can help you transform your life to be better. By adding 15 minutes of activities in your daily routine, you can then form a habit. Your brain will adjust to the frequency of God, and your perception of life will definitely change. The result would be you will start loving the things around you, see hope in a hopeless scenario, calm your troubled mind and can bring peace and comfort to you. Your relationships with your family and friends will improve and will strengthen as well. This program blesses you with peace of mind and a positivity in daily life. You will see dramatic changes in your life transformation within you which will take charge. As your life improves, you can recognize the blessings of God. This program is one key in strengthening you and your faith in God.


The people who are willing to experience change in them and follow the God Frequency Program should have an open heart and mind so that they will enjoy each time they listen to it. So be ready for it, do not fear or have any doubt about it, trust the process and trust the change that will take place when you undergo the God Frequency program. Be ready to relax your body, mind, soul and embrace God to change you.

Who Created the God Frequency?

The program’s creator is Jacob X, an ex-priest, and his brother, an MIT graduate with a degree in Sound Engineering. Jacob X believed that Jesus could manifest his miracles via sound waves of God which is the sound frequency. He and his brother discovered the exact number of sound waves that correspond to God Frequency after several trials and errors. According to the author, these sounds were created using Jesus’ hidden letters and will help you get closer to God. Even if you aren’t religious, listening to binaural beats will help you cope with mental stress and anxiety, thanks to theta waves’ calming strength.

How Does God Frequency Work?

It’s all about having the willingness to be open when listening to God frequency. It is a 15 minute a day program. The answer is consistency in doing the action of listening to it and later on the result would be a habit. Jacob X’s God Frequency program emphasizes that by rewiring the brain with binaural waves, you will bring about a positive shift in your life.

The God Frequency program uses binaural beats to stimulate your natural theta waves, which help to remodel your brain. In other words it rewires your brain to think positive thoughts that will allow you to achieve your dreams in life. This program does not It does not require you to meditate on your dreams or to think about them repeatedly; it is about setting and activating your positivity. The key goal is to concentrate on your dream and take deliberate measures to maintain it. All you have to do is relax, calm your mind, and concentrate on the instructions for 15 minutes a day.


The God Frequency is for those seeking to make meaningful changes in their view about life.
In this whole program it comprises a physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual approach so it will really create a big change in your life. The negative emotions of anxiety, fear, depression, stress, burn out and more are lifted away from you. All your negative thoughts will turn to positive ones.


– Balance your well being

– Will tune yourself with the will power of God

– Enables you to hear sound waves of God

– Assist you spiritually and psychologically

– Free from anxiety

– Relaxes your mind

– Calming Sound

– Develop positivity

– Inspire you to accomplish goals in life

– 365 days money-back guarantee

– $37 discounted price


– You need an internet connection to enjoy this product.

– You have to be consistent daily for 15 minutes

– The program needs to be purchased

– Results may vary.


When listening to audio files this can regulate your brain waves and it calms your mind. The God Frequency enables you to focus more will power in your life. All you need to do is set aside 15 minutes per day for at least three weeks to develop the habit of tuning in and listening to it.

God Frequency

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