Elementor * is a WordPress page builder utility. The Elementor add-on lets you edit and add WordPress blog pages, title, sidebar, and footer to your liking. You don’t need to have any HTML / CSS / PHP / coding skills at all, you can do page building by dragging and dropping.

Page Builder has many built-in functions and elements that you can easily add to your blog.

Elementor allows you to create original-looking articles and pages that are unique compared to the articles / pages that come with the WordPress theme.

Editing a blog is not done in the standard block editor that comes with WordPress, but you get a completely separate interface. The interface allows you to edit and make pages as well as posts and change the look of the site. The best thing about the program is that Elementor works with all WordPress themes.



  • It gives you a completely original and separate interface to create custom posts, pages and header and footer types.
  • Basically, when you visit your standard post / page editing screen in WordPress, you get a new button that allows you to activate Elementor and then let it take over the page editing process entirely. Just click on it to get the drag and drop interface of the different elements that will allow you to design your page.
  • It does not require any knowledge or skill in HTML or PHP. Everything can be done through elementor’s interface.
  • It works right from the start, which means it immediately shows you the results of your work in a real ‘what you see, what you see, what you have, what you have’ way. It’s a WYSIWYG
  • You can use it to create any layout or content layout you can imagine – regardless of what your current WordPress theme lets you do. The Pro version even allows you to fully edit the menu, header, footer and pop-up!
  • It works with all WordPress themes.
  • The main advantage of using Elementor is that you can create rather impressive and pretty layouts or content structures even if you are not a designer and have no experience in creating. of sites (HTML, CSS, PHP). There is also a list of effective models that you can access for free in the elementor interface.

This, in principle, opens up a lot of possibilities – especially if you’re on a tight budget, but still want your site and its content to look good. Concretely, Elementor is to wordpress what Gempages is to Shopify . Elementor has been downloaded over a million times so far! This plugin has the class and knows how to lead the construction of all your pages. I am preparing on this subject a training course on elementor, on the free and paid version where we will learn how to make a beautiful layout, with images, videos and sales page. To install it, you just have to go here, download the Elementor plugin for free and drag it into your wordpress.


With Elementor, you can easily create or edit a blog title. You can create an entirely new header section that you can define even for each page individually. You can make multiple headings and save them for later use.

You can easily create a new heading either by using the ready-made templates provided by Elementor or, correspondingly, you can design a completely new heading from scratch.Choose a ready-made header template and customize it to your liking. Finally, you just attach and publish a header to your blog.

Ready made page template:

Ready-made page templates are ready in Elementor, which you can use to help you create your own page. You can also make the page yourself from start to finish and take advantage of Elementor’s many great features.

Sidebar and Widget:

Elemetor allows you to make a new sidebar and edit it as part of your site. You can paste the sidebar to the page or article of your choice if you wish.

You can add widgets to the site of your choice and use them to publish texts and images

Eye-catching footer:

With footer sections, it’s exactly the same as in header sections, so you can find ready-made templates ready-made, or you can make your own footer section.

Elementor features on one page:

Elementor is delivered ready to use, equipped with elements that will allow you to create landing pages or embellish your site as you wish:

  • First of all, there’s the main page building functionality itself (we’ll cover that in a minute).
  • Then there is a library of pre-made page templates (as I mentioned above) that can be imported and edited. At the time of this writing, over 35 free templates were available. Plus, you can save your own templates to use them later.
  • Finally, there is a custom page template called Elementor Canvas. This is a blank page template that allows you to build a page without having elements from your current WordPress theme, such as the header, footer, or sidebar.
  • As I mentioned, Elementor allows you to freely build, edit, and adjust your pages – and see the results in real time. Again, this is a live preview, so you don’t need to worry about what your page will look like when published (which is the standard scenario with native WordPress pages which are heavily dependent on the theme).

So what exactly can you do? First of all, Elementor lets you take advantage of a number of content widgets (or content blocks), which you can place anywhere on the page and then rearrange by drag and drop via full support. Totally at ease, Elementor directly offers you a responsive version without any action on your part. You can of course change them separately.

If you want to jump in for the first time and start editing this web page a bit more, you can add html , css, etc. without hassle. In addition, do not forget that you must optimize the referencing as usual by making titles in h2 h3 etc … So by having a beautiful page structure, clean sections, a style that makes you want to read, buttons that click and the few widgets that you like.

  • These widgets include titles, images, texts, videos , videos, buttons, dividers, dividers, icons, image galleries and carousels , counters , testimonials, social media icons , short codes and much more. Plus, you can use any widgets you already have on your WordPress site.
  • In addition, Elementor also gives you access to basic display settings . This is where you can change the backgrounds, margins and padding values, default colors, fonts, etc.
  • On top of that, there is the full revision history, which means you can go back to a previous version of the page (in case you made a mistake and didn’t know how to fix it).

Last but not least, Elementor gives you full control over how your page looks on desktop, tablet, and mobile. I leave you an English tutorial to learn how to use Elementor, super well explained and intuitive even if we do not speak the language of Shakespear


It’s free. Ok, to keep this review alive, I should probably mention that there’s a Pro edition as well. But you don’t really need it to enjoy, say, 90% of Elementor’s awesomeness – honestly!

The main plugin is available through the official WordPress plugin repository, and you can download it here. There are no hidden fees or registration / registrations required. It works, that’s all.

Now, about the Pro edition. Sure, there are some cool things in it that power users can enjoy, but it’s definitely not something everyone needs. Elementor costs between $ 49 and $ 199 depending on the number of licenses , from 1 to several thousand sites.

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