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Bluehost plans

If we discuss about any hosting service or plan. we should discuss about two things.

  1. Domain 2. hosting

DOMAIN: Thing you have a physical item store. someone asked to know your store location. you provided him the store location. like street no: commercial building no: store no: etc.

Same as your product website store has a location that is called domain name or web address or your store address. The domain name or address connected a server Ip address when the searcher search on the domain name, its shown up related websites or pages on the devices.


Hosting actually a space of data. when you create a website your website should connect a server where your website data will be stored .the server called hosting server. This hosting server connected an IP address which called domain name and addresses when a searcher clicks on the domain name and web address the hosting server exposes all of that data those stored with.so searcher or visitor can see all of the content has of the website.

Bluehost web hosting services and plans

Bluehost web hosting not only the reliable hosting server but it is the cheapest web hosting provider on the internet. Also, Bluehost is a branded and ranked web hosting provider. Earlier Bluehost is ranked #1 out of 32 hosts.bluehsot also a trendy and popular web hosting provider. it has 2 million active users.

Bluehost users are increasing whatever day by day or month by month or year by year. Also, Bluehost recommended by word press the world’s best website building platform.

Bluehost providing 5 types of services  providing:


A single physical server where hosts multiple sites. That means there are many web sites hosts under one server. 

For whom suitable to use shared web service:

  • Beginners 
  • To make landing pages 
  • Students who practicing 
  • Teacher who trains 



It’s beginning at $3.49 per month but the regular plan can jump up to $7.99

Basic advantages:1 website,50GB SSD storage. Free SSL certification, 1 domain free

Plus: Its begin from $4.45 per month but normally can be up to $10.99

Plus advantages: unlimited websites. Unlimited SSD storage.unlimited domain

Choice plus: It is starting from $4.45 per month but normally it would be 10.99 per month.

Choice plus advantages: unlimited websites for free. unlimited SSD storage. unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited parked domain, standard performances.

Pro: it’s beginning from $9.95 per month normally may up to $23.99

Pro advantages: Unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth. Free SSL certification.unlimited domain. High performance.


VPS means virtual private servers. It’s a physical server that is separated by several virtual machines. Those machines operate completely independently from each other.

 WHO really needs VPS hosting:

  • Those need affordable hosting services for their websites and business.
  • Those want more effective customization for his websites and need to operate nonstanding software and configuration.
  • Those need the best speed and quick response by the server to growing their business.
  • Those need more and more control and more security for their hosting environment.
  • Those need the extra power of their websites and applications but they have lower budgets.


  • STANDARD PLAN: It’s beginning from $18.99 but normally $29.99
  • Advantages:2 cores 30 GB storage,1 TBbandwidth.1 IP address
  • ENHANCED PLAN: Starting from $29.99 per month, but it can jump up to $59.99
  • Advantages:2 cores.60GB storage,4 GB RAM.2 TB bandwidth,21 IP addresses.
  • ULTIMATE PLAN: It’s beginning at $59.99 but normally it can be raised at $119.99
  • Advantages:4 cores,120 GB RAM,8 GB,3TBbandwidth,2 IP Addresses.


A Dedicated web hosting service is a high degree customization hosting service. As a dedicated server client actually leases an entire server not shareable with anyone else.


  • STANDARD: It’s beginning at $80 but jumps may be up to $120
  • Advantages:4 cores @2.3GHZ,500GB storage,4 GB RAM,5TB bandwidth.3 IP addresses.
  • ENHANCED: It’s beginning from $100 .normally it may be raised up to $160
  • Advantages:4 cores @3.3GHZ.1 TB storage.8 GB RAM, 4 IP addresses. 10TB bandwidth.
  • PREMIUM: It is starting at $120 but the price would be raised $210
  • Advantages:4 cores @3.3 GHz,16GB RAM,15TB bandwidth.5 IP addresses.

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