Active Campaign Review & Demo [2020 Updates]

In this video we’re, going to do a review and also a demo like an onscreen demo of active campaign, the email marketing software, because if you’re anything like me, it is a nightmare to try and move and change.

Email. Autoresponders, and so you want to pick the right one, the first time from the beginning, so I get asked a lot like why I ended up picking active campaign after you know, after years and years of bouncing around what is it that made me settle on active Campaign and I always start to just kind of like Yammer and jabber, and what’s cool and it’s.

Amazing. It does this for me, and so this is gonna be a templated. You know broken out exactly what it is about active campaign that that led me to try out convertkit and leave them to try out MailChimp and leave them to try action etics and leave them to try out, send lane and leave them and literally settle on active Campaign after trying almost every other email, autoresponder out there, that’s, mainstream full disclosure.

Okay, I am an affiliate of active campaign. There’s, an affiliate link down below to sign up. If you like what you watch, I am being 100 % honest. I’m even wearing my honest review, t-shirt. Okay, so active campaign is the only marketing software that I use and promote heavily and everything.

I show you and talk to you about it.’s, going to be my one and a percent, honest opinion: let’s, dive in and discuss okay in terms of agenda. The first thing we’re gonna look at is their deliver ability, because who cares about anything else? If you’re not getting in the inbox? Next, we’re gonna look at their automations, because automations are awesome.

Then we’re gonna look at their campaign builder, like their individual broadcast email builder and how that works. I’m one of the options they’re, the form builder we’re gonna look at their reporting.

Obviously, reports are huge to see if what you’re doing is successful or not, and then we’re gonna talk a little bit about pricing. They’ve, got lots of different plans available and we’ll help. You pick the best plan for your situation.

Alright, let’s. Talk about deliverability there’s, two things that we’re, going to talk about and look at to kind of show what kind of delivered body you can expect with active campaign. The first one is: we’re, actually just gonna use.

Google and i’m googling. The best email, marketing, deliverability, okay – and you can see there’s, a bunch of ads and stuff showing up there. You get through all four ads and there’s, a company called email tool, tester that tests deliverability; okay, they they just do tests and things like that.

That’s. Basically, what their whole company is about is getting more deliverability and getting more in boxing, so they definitely they’re. Talking about. We’re gonna scroll down, they did, they ran a test and they basically compare all the autoresponders to each other and saw who is getting in the unbox more gay and who is ending up in spam more and you can see here massive Massive Winfred active campaign, 96 % deliverability really good ratings, and you can see there’s, some other ones that were pretty close as well.

But after you get through the first four or five it’s really starts to drop. You know you get into like the 82 percent range for MailChimp 79 sent in blue 75. Some some some really bad results at the bottom there and an active campaign is at the very very top.

They do a ton to protect their reputation, which is the reason they’re able to get such high deliverability. So then we’re gonna look at real time. Kay, like is this real, or is this just some random afield hit or something so we’re gonna look at my numbers, okay, so this is my my main automation, a good chunk of you guys are probably in this automation right now receiving Emails and we’ll, go through and just see how deliverability is on these emails in this automation.

Okay, so first one will kind of zoom in here a little bit: thirty percent on the first email, twenty six percent on the next email, 23 percent. On this one twenty percent and that’s actually like the second email, 28 percent, twenty five percent, nineteen, twenty nine twenty five.

So you see, I’m getting between 25 and 30 percent on almost every single email, which is really really good. Okay, this is that’s. A good delivered voted written, an open rate on, especially in the niche where I’m in right, where I’m, sending make money online stuff that’s, that’s, an incredible open rate and one that A lot of affiliates and if marketers, would definitely hope to get so that’s, a plus one for active campaign.

Next, we’re, going to talk about the automation features of active campaign. Okay, guys, the automation features of active campaign is the reason 90 % of the people love this software. It’s the reason so many people never leave it.

It makes me want to stand up in my chair and sing to Angelica choirs like it is insanely, powerful and really really easy to use, which is such a hard combo to do. I’m sorta hopin. We’re gonna look at one of my automations okay, so this is my main automation.

Once again, we’re gonna kind of look at just kind of the best stuff that I’m using the automations. For so we’ll hop in here, okay, so the cool thing with the automation is they’re, all visual? So you can send your subscribers through all kinds of personalized email sequences that that basically send the emails and do everything based on how the subscriber interacted with previous emails and then you can really really see kind of how like how it like how it looks.

So you can see in the beginning I’m just I’m waiting for a day, okay zoom in on this step, and I can I’m having it wait until a current day of the week. So I like to only send emails on certain days that have high open rates, so I say: hey wait until it’s, a it’s, a weekday and wait until it’s, 11 a.

m. okay. So that’s, what this wait says, so you can personalize it to them. Right like I want it to arrive at 11 a.m. in their time zone because who likes to wake up to 50 emails in their inbox. Most people don’t and no most people don’t read the emails when they do so.

We personalize it to them to show up at a time when they & # 39. Ll have the highest open rate, not to complain that you do that really easily. Then we send an email. We have it wait again. Once again, we personalize, we say: okay, wait until it’s, the proper, the best possible time, the best chance we can get it at getting in their inbox and getting an open, and then we’ll, send another one.

Okay, you can see that the initial sequence for me is just very straightforward, but it & # 39. S also got options to break things off and kind of adjust a little bit K. So if you look here you can, you can create conditions, you can create if-else conditions, meaning if the contact did this.

So if my contact interacted this way or took this action, I want to do this, but if they didn’t, I want them to go on a different journey. Okay, because they’re, not ready yet so, for example, in this one I say: hey: did they open this email right here? Did they send an email or did they open this email? Well, if not, I actually want to send that email again and you can see it was Holly over there.

I send the email again I changed the subject line, send the email again and see. If I can, I can hook them to get them ready for this. Next, coming email rikes, I’m gonna be selling something in this next email and I want them to be prepared for it and that’s.

Why I do this so if they don’t open or if they do open, either away after that next email? Those people end up back in the same sequence, you can see. I’m just following the lines and you just go from there.

Okay, so then I send the next email and you can see. I do the same thing on this email. I send it I check hey. Did they open that email? If they did, they don’t need to get it again, but if they didn’t, I’m gonna change.

The subject line and really see if I can get this email in their inbox, because I consider this to be a really important. Okay, something else you can see that’s cool is, I can see where everybody is so I can see a queue right here and I can see just kind of how many people are at different places and my automation and I could actually click That and it’ll, give me a list of all those people and I can click on those contacts and see them so just really really powerful.

You can see the way you build. It is just very, very easy. You’ve, got sending options, you & # 39. Ve got condition options that’s. The if-else thing I was telling you about the waiting option you can split based on you know you just put in all kinds of things: location, contact name if they have tags or don’t have tags if they’re on certain Lists or not, okay, lots and lots of options.

You can send them to new automations like hey. This automation is all built around selling this product. Okay, they’ve bought it. So we’re gonna move on to another automation from there. Okay and you can see it’s.

Kind of the list goes on and on and on of different things you can do, and I’m, not gon. Na talk about the sales force, the CX apps for now, but just understand that you can build an automation that can do anything.

Okay, you can personalize the automation and have it do anything you can possibly think of based on what the contact is doing and who the contact is where they live. What time it is anything you can think of, and then you can really easily see what that you know what how that’s going to work with each individual contact.

So automations are awesome that’s, another plus one for activecampaign. By the way, if you feel like you’re learning, something or getting anything out of this video, please click Subscribe. I try to put up videos like this every single week to help you in your online marketing journey.

So let’s. Let’s. Look at campaigns K, so we have automations right. A contact comes in. We put them through these cool automations. We sell them things on autopilot, that’s great, but sometimes you want to just send out an email right now.

Today I did affiliate marketer. You might want to send out like an offer that & # 39. S live right now, right or if you’re, an e-commerce or something like that. It’s Christmas Day and you’re, doing a sale, all kinds of things like that, where you want to send out emails right now to a list, so this is kind of a good and a bad of activecampaign.

We’ll talk about the good and the bad of the individual campaigns, so we’ll. Call this a test campaign. Not a good, is what you can do inside these campaigns. Okay, so you can just send an email. You can create like a little mini automation.

You can do split test okay and they’ll. Let you split test a whole lot more than than other autoresponders that I’ve. Seen will let you do so. I can click split here and it’s actually gonna. Let me choose whether I’m gonna split test, just subjects and from information kay that’s like a standard split test that most auto responders will let you do.

But then I can split tests and email subjects from information and email content Kay. So I can. I could send two totally different emails, different subject lines with each email and and split test, which one has the best results and guys.

This is huge. Like split testing is such a huge part of human marketing to be able to see each time you send an email to say. Oh, like I did something different and look. I got you know 20 percent more opens on this particular email because I formatted it.

This way, and then your next time, you you do that every time right and you slowly build up these incredible open ranks and these incredible click-through rates, because you’re able to split test and get access to all the information.

You need on what your audience responds best to the other super cool thing you can do. Is you can segment out? So you can say hey. I’m gonna send out an email blast today, but I only want to send it to this particular group of people camp.

So I’m gonna show you we can create a segment and it’s. Really cool what you can do. You can create all kinds of conditions here. Okay, so you can see you can select the condition and it’s. The same list that we could see before we can say hey.

I only want people that are in certain locations or that have certain tags, or that are named this right. I mean they literally give you every option you can think of. I only want people that have opened this particular email or are in this list.

So a great way you could use that is when someone buys, you add them to a buyer list. And then, when you & # 39, re gonna send an email selling that product you don’t, send it to the people that already bought the products okay, but there’s.

All kinds of things right like has somebody forward. My email are they on different lists or not so you can create this huge list of, and you can say I can do that and I can add more conditions. So you can create this huge list of conditions and you can hone in and say I only want to send this email to the specific people that it applies to and guys.

This is huge if you’re new to email marketing, you’ve, got to try and do that because you want every single email to apply to every single person that reads it or you start to get deliverability hits you start to Get people on subscribing and not happy with you and that’s.

The campaign lets you do that in every way you can imagine. Okay, it lets you go in and figure out. You know figure out exactly how to just hit the audience. That really can benefit from that email and you get really high open rates.

You get really happy subscribers and you get great email, marketing results and the third part I really love about campaigns. Don’t worry. We’re. Getting to the downside that the con of campaigns is templates Kay, so it saves every email you ever send and you can just go to past campaigns and quickly grab one of your past ones and turn it into a template for your future ones, which obviously makes Things really easy if you send similar emails every week like I do, I can just go grab my you know my template from last Wednesday and change out the words and I’m good to go okay, so it’s.

Awesome. It saves every single one of them automatically creates a template, every single one you want, and you can quickly search if you need to to get access to that. And now now we were gonna talk about the thumbs down, but the one downer that I kind of have with activecampaign, and that is the when you select one of these tests, and that is the design.

Okay, that is the designing the actual campaign or email. So you know, if you guys remind the list, I tend to send just like pretty basic email, so design doesn’t really matter for me, like you, don’t need a great designer to send something like that.

Right, though it does give you access to everything, you need to change fonts, and you know just everything you could possibly need to make it look exactly like you’re envisioning it you can see. My envisionment is not great, but you can see right here.

You can add all other things like you can build out like really visually appealing emails. If you’re someone that sends like those, you know the pictures of your product and you know all kinds of fun visuals and things like that, you almost make it look like a website.

It can be done here. I’ll. Show you how so you go to insert and then it’s got different blocks, but it’s, really really clunky. Okay, so you could say, like I want to insert a text block and you can kind of drag it.

You know any of these places, but it’s kind of weird. I ventured to the right it kind of. Does that weird right and then yeah. I guess it can do anything that you can possibly think of, but it can normally do it in kind of a more clunky manner, and so I haven’t found the visually builder here to be super easy to use.

But you can see here, you can add anything, you want it’s just sometimes takes some adjustments and like little coding things to try to really make a visualized email. So if you’re visually, my person that’s, something to note get it’s a thumbs up and a thumbs down for activecampaign.

Okay, now we’re gonna look at what kind of reporting what data it is. Activecampaign give you and, like I said for me, that’s, another big win, so you can go to campaigns here or broadcasts there’s. A lot of people call them and you can see each individual broadcast and see how it did.

Okay, so you can quickly go through them all and kind of see. Okay, you know what, if I open rates on these individual broadcasts and what am i click-through rates and things like that, and then you can click into it.

Okay, we can click into it and actually see a lot more data. You can see right here. I can see you know what’s going on people opening emails. I can get access to all the information in terms of like our people unsubscribing, because I hated this email people you know.

Is it bouncing things like that? You can see the email you can see. Geographic data see geographic data of where your audience is opening the email, okay and you can click into actual clicks and see like well who exactly clicked.

You know what percentage clicked you know, what average, how long did have a person read the email? I mean really really all the data you need, you can click in here and find access to it kay, and then you can click and you can see individual contacts and said well, who are these people that subscribed or who are these people? Who did this right? If you’re like really getting into the data – and you can do the same thing with the automation report – okay, so I can hop in here – and I can see a report of all of my automations and I can dive into an automation and Actually see this is a newer automation actually, and so a lot of my list has not yet struck through a lot of these emails, but anyway you can see right here.

I can see the average open rate. So once again, I can click into each one and we & # 39. Ll, see the same thing. We saw in the last button where we can see the individual data for that email, but I can quickly go through an automation and say, and I love this guys – I can quickly say like okay, this email, you know I & # 39.

Ve got this much open and and six percent click-through rate, which is pretty good. This one twenty six and three okay, we’re, getting a little low right. Oh look! This one only got a 1.6 click-through rate, so maybe we need to go revisit that email right, so you can spend ten minutes and you can see you know.

Okay, this email struggling a nineteen percent open rate. What do we need to do to fix that? Click-Through rates obviously super low as well, so you can start going through and actually you know, fixing and improving and making your automations really really high-quality.

And you can do it really quickly, just by looking down here and quickly, seeing what’s struggling and what’s, not okay, guys. We have talked about everything you may or may not be sold an active campaign at this point, but I promise you having used many many autoresponders.

I have met very, very few people that have not been happy with active campaign, and – and so yes – I am an affiliate – you guys can tell I’m, an affiliate marketer that promotes it, but I only promote okay and I promote it because I Love it so we’re gonna talk about pricing here and talk about which plan you need.

They’ve got a ton of different plans and it’s so funny. You know a lot of responders have plans right, but I feel like all the other autoresponders they they. They really try hard to make the stuff that you want be on the higher plans right like if you want the true power here.

You’re gonna need one of these higher plans, but with active campaign I’ve, not found that to be the case. So I everything you just saw that I just demonstrated is on this light. The easy cheap plan where you get it for nine dollars a month for your five hundred dollar clock for five hundred contacts, all the automations and even marking all that stuff.

So the higher plans have things like facebook custom audiences. They have things like better integrations text. Marketing predictive sending okay goal CRN’s; things like that, so that it’s like much beyond the scope of an autoresponder, and so i don’t ii, thought that was super super cool, pretty much everyone watching this.

You will do just fine on that light plan. Everything I just showed you is available on there. I have never once felt like I didn’t, get what I needed. I’m using that light plan, so it’s. Nine dollars a month for 500 contacts, you can see seventeen for a thousand and it goes up from there.

I’m at about twenty five thousand paying 179 a month. Once you get up to 25,000 contacts, you’re, not gonna be worried about paying hundreds thirty-nine $ 179 a month. Trust me alright. Remember there is a link down below.

If you & # 39, re sold an active campaign, I would love if you use that link there’s, also a link down below to a totally free email, marketing, training, 20 modules. I’ve, just pure everything. I know about email marketing.

I promise you. If you’re muting, the marketing you’ll, find a lot of value in that course so go grab. That course, and what not you sign up for active campaign? Go grab that free course, and we’ll, see you on this video right here.

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